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Soul Apartments – Replacement Dining Chairs

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Replacement Dining Chairs


Project Timeframe: Ongoing



What started out as initial discussions with the Executive Housekeeper to replace tired, broken and worn out furniture has become so much more than that. Upon assessing the current furniture in the apartments it was evident to us that the quality was extremely poor given that they have only lasted 3-4 years we just knew we had to do better than what was previously supplied. Soul is located directly across the beach, this apartment block takes a good hammering from the sea, wind and rain. We knew we needed to provide furniture that would be able to withstand these harsh element. So our first immediate changes needed to be the dreaded looking dining chairs. We manufactured new timber framed dining chairs upholstered them in a Marine Grade Vinyl. This vinyl can handle salt, water and sand that patrons bring up to the apartments. Sitting with wet swimmers on these chairs we know that the salt will not eat into the vinyl causing it to flake and split. We have supplied to date around 150 – 200 dining chairs already with great results and feedback. We have a couple hundred more to go but we are confident in the product we have supplied and look forward to seeing them still in years to come.


What our client thought

The Executive Housekeeper and the owners of the apartments are extremely happy with the replacement chairs and there are far less repairs or resprays of the vinyl’s. This has brought owner costs down. The replacement solution has been a winner.

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